CBD for Pets

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I would like to share the story of my horse and CBD oil food supplement. In early March she was diagnosed with severe Cushing's disease. Her ACTH level was 126, normal is 32 and my vet said he'd never seen a live horse with a number over 64. He immediately started her on medication at a cost of $2 a day. The side effects were terrible with the worst being she quit eating. She would not even graze on fresh grass. So I began to do my own research and discovered the benefits of hemp in animals. Before government involvement hemp was in many horse medications. I was able to contact a gentleman with a lot of experience in this area. He explained to me that companies producing hemp oil do not normally do extensive research in livestock animals and so can be unsure of the recommended serving sizes should be. I was given a starting point of one to two drops per 100 pounds. I began giving my mare four small drops of Hempworx 750 on her food two times a day. Within a couple of days her appetite returned and her attitude improved. After six weeks of this food supplement she had shed the long curly coat, lost the potbelly and fat deposits in her neck, no longer limps on her arthritic shoulder, eats everything she wants and is acting like a horse half her age. I do not need to run new lab work to know her Cushing's and arthritis are in remission and following the rule of low and slow she still only receives 5 drops of this high quality oil on her food 2 times a day, for us that has proven to be all she needs! I am not a sales person for Hempworx and no way benefit from what I am saying here. Oh and I forgot to say she is 28 years young! Just hope it can help others make their decision. I can't wait to see what the next few months will bring!

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From Brittnay

The benefits I’ve seen in animals and livestock is purely miraculous.

I’ve seen 3 dogs, in only 2 months, go from being at the point of their owners putting them down, but deciding to try the oil as a last resort, and now all three of them are not even being considered to be put to sleep anymore!! I’ve seen dogs that had no use of their back legs, now walking again. I’ve seen a dog that had injured their back and now their owner says the noticeable physical abnormality has disappeared and their back is straight again!! Y’all, every single pet or animal should be given these products!! If your babies are completely healthy then get these products as a preventative measure and to maintain their general wellness!! You will see the positive changes in your babies!!

To order CLICK HERE Questions?? Email info@horsesensetackandmore.com